Thursday, January 13, 2011

Preparation for the Off-White Indie Wedding Show

I have been astonished by good news lately.  One wonderful thing is that I recently got engaged, and I'm working on planning my wedding.  Coincidentally, I am also participating in the upcoming Off White Indie Wedding Show on March 20th from 11 a.m.- 4 p.m. at the Third Degree Glass Factory.

I'm so excited about it all!  Off White will be showcasing vintage bridal boutiques, fashion shows, yummy gourmet cakes, sustainable catering services, stationery, attire and accessories, and all kinds of goodies with class and a bit of edge to them.

Shenandoah Soaps will be a vendor!  Look we're listed!

Yesterday, I had a meeting with my friend Megan who is part of my marketing team for Shenandoah Soaps.   We are going to be marketing Shenandoah Soaps as wedding favors and bridal party gifts in a couple months.  She gave me some wise advice and ideas for wedding show products.  I take her advice seriously because she threw a totally kick-butt wedding a few years back that we all still talk about when we get together.  

This is going to be a lot of work creating new products and giving the table a crafty allure.  I've been spending hours upon hours getting inspiration from the different craft blogs out there.  Personally, I love 100 Layer Cake and One Pretty Wedding.   The creativity and photography on these sites are amazing.

This week, I created some new scents. . . some were good. . . some were ummm not so good.  Overall, I had fun and didn't drop anything soapy and gooey on the floor this time. (Ugh, what a mess that can be.  Don't ever do that.)  I've decided to stick with most of my current scents, but I've added two new all natural masculine soaps.  They are both woodsy and one is made with Matt's home-brew that he named "Clone Ranger."  It was designed after the New Belgium Ranger beer (I'm marrying a very clever man, eh?), so that's what we'll be calling the soap.  Clone Ranger.

My Etsy shop will be filled with new products in the next couple weeks and the basement of the house will be buzzing with ideas and hard work of the Shenandoah Soaps team!  Go team!  I'll keep you updated on the progress and will post photos as we go.